Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

Take me tomorrow


***I’ve received free eBook copy in exchange for an honest review**

This book is about future society in which war will come because of forbidden drug called tomo. Story follows girl called Sophia and her discovering that everyone is involved in some way even if they don’t know.

If i want to be honest i have to say that at first i thought that this will be more about romance, but i was surprised. There was more action than i expected and i really liked that.

As a main character, Sophia was really good described and you can see her develop through story. She grew as a strong female character and i really enjoyed that. I could relate to her and i think writing stile helped me in it.

Other characters were also amazing. I fell in love with then in first couple of pages. They really helped in developing story and understanding society and our main story and character. I really liked that they were not typical teenagers, that they understand that not everything is good in this world and that they knew how to deal with that. They really inspired me, as well as Sophia as main character.

I generally love dystopian books and really enjoy reading about future earth and all problems that could happen to us. I think that they are realistic and they make us question our action and our effect on earth. So i was really excited to read another book from this genre and i was blown away how good it is.

I had only one problem. I fell like we missed on world building. I just wanted to learn more about parts that society is parted in and they weren’t described. But i think it was good idea to write about problem of drugs and war, and i enjoyed reading about that.

Also it was unpredictable. In some parts i really didn’t know what would happened. There was some really good plot twists that i never see coming.

Overall i really loved this book. I will gave it 5/5 stars on goodreads. I Think more people should read it. If you liked Delirium series and Divergent, this is something in between. It is great action with lot of twists and a little bit of romance but enough to fall in love with story even more. I recommend it to everyone. Please pick it up, because this book deserves bigger audience. šŸ˜€


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